Double Sided Edgelit Lightbox.

XPO 4 DS is our most popular internal double sided unit. High illumination output makes it perfect for retail and food outlets. The common uses for the XPO 4 DS are within food and retail areas. We utilise the highest quality LED’s to ensure the maximum output of quality illumination for your image. Perfect for indoor and protected outdoor applications, the XPO 4 DS provides an acrylic peel face cover requiring a suction cup to remove the cover making the changing of posters simple and easy. Available fixing options include: side mounted, hinged, recessed, fixed as a freestanding display or suspended on cable / rod.

The XPO 4 DS solved all of our in-store advertising problems…

Available Sizes

We have in stock a range of A2, A1 & A0 signs. We can also custom design and manufacture sizes from:

  • Min: 497mm x 671mm (A2)
  • Max: 3000mm x 1200mm (W x H)

Frame Finishes

A wide range of standard Powder Coat Colours are available. Custom Finishes and Colours are available upon request.


  • Power Source – 240v
  • High Quality LEDs – Edgelit 6500k Standard (Optional LED Colour Temps Available)
  • Finishes
    • Satin Natural Anodised
    • Standard Powder Coat Finishes
  • Frame Depth – 50mm
  • Cover – Magnetic Retention System
  • Mask – 46mm
  • Cut Image Size – 77mm less than overall frame size
  • Visual Size – 92mm less than overall frame size
  • Preferred Sizes – Some frame sizes between Min. and Max. are not possible. Contact your sales manager for further details.
  • Power Exit – Standard power exit is at the bottom or top edge. Pending on the application.
  • Lockable – Optional security screw. Key locks are not suited for this sign.
  • Application – Indoor, protected outdoor or covered for external use. Not suitable for exposed outdoor applications.


Model / Size Overall W x H Visual W x H (OD – 92) Poster W x H (OD – 77)
MINIMUM 497 x 671 405 x 579 420 x 594
MAXIMUM 3000 x 1200 2908 x 1108 2923 x 1123


Model / Size Overall W x H Visual W x H (OD – 92) Poster W x H (OD – 77)
XPO-4-DS A2 497 x 671 405 x 579 420 x 594
XPO-4-DS A1 671 x 918 579 x 826 594 x 841
XPO-4-DS A0 918 x 1266 826 x 1174 841 x 1189

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