Double Sided Edgelit Lightbox.

XPO 4 DS is our most popular internal double sided unit. High illumination output makes it perfect for retail and food outlets. The common uses for the XPO 4 DS are within food and retail areas. We utilise the highest quality LED’s / fluorescent lamps to ensure the maximum output of quality illumination for your image. Perfect for indoor and protected outdoor applications, the XPO 4 DS provides an acrylic peel face cover requiring a suction cup to remove the cover making the changing of posters simple and easy. Available fixing options include: side mounted, hinged, recessed, fixed as a freestanding display or suspended on cable / rod.

The XPO 4 DS solved all of our in-store advertising problems…

Available Sizes

We have in stock a range of A2, A1 & A0 signs. We can also custom design and manufacture sizes from:

  • Min: 497mm x 671mm (A2)
  • Max: 3000mm x 1200mm (W x H)

Frame Finishes

A wide range of standard powdercoat colours are available. Custom finishes and colours are available upon request.


  • Power Source – 240v
  • Fluorescent Lamps or LEDs
  • Finishes
    • Satin Natural Anodised
    • Standard Powercoat Finishes
  • Frame Depth – 50mm
  • Cover – Magnetic Retention System
  • Mask – 46mm
  • Cut Image Size – 77mm less than overall frame size
  • Visual Size – 92mm less than overall frame size
  • Preferred Sizes – Some frame sizes between Min. and Max. are not possible. Contact your sales manager for further details.
  • Power Exit – Standard power exit is at the bottom or top edge. Pending on the application.
  • Lockable – Optional security screw. Key locks are not suited for this sign.
  • Application – Indoor, protected outdoor or covered for external use. Not suitable for exposed outdoor applications.


Model / Size Overall W x H Visual W x H (OD – 92) Poster W x H (OD – 77)
XPO-4-DS A2 497 x 671 405 x 579 420 x 594
XPO-4-DS A1 671 x 918 579 x 826 594 x 841
XPO-4-DS A0 918 x 1266 826 x 1174 841 x 1189
MINIMUM 497 x 671 405 x 579 420 x 594
MAXIMUM 3000 x 1200 2908 x 1108 2923 x 1123

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