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XPOflex 135 Consists of two sections, the stretcher and the lightbox which can be easily opened from the front. The self supporting stretcher which can be hinged to the lightbox, holds the parts used for clamping and tensioning the skin.

The Lightbox contains the fixtures, the backing sheet and the internal supports which fasten the lightbox to the underlying structure. The assembly of the XPOflex 135 requires only a limited number of components for which no special handling is required.


  • Stretcher Section

    The stretcher is assembled by means of mitred corners and a strengthening section.

  • Stretching Section (Pre-drilled)

    The vinyl printed graphic for the illuminated sign is fitted in using the clamping section.

  • Clamping Section

    For fastening the printed vinyl graphic in the stretching section.

  • Cover Section

    Lipless cover section for finishing the stretcher and stretching system.

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