Single Sided Edgelit Lightbox.

XPO 4 is a very popular choice because of it’s sleek look and user friendly design. It’s our most popular edgelit lightbox. Commonly used within food and retail outlet environments, but has a wide range of potential applications. To ensure the maximum image illumination the XPO 4 utilise only the highest quality LED’s & fluorescent lamps and electrical components available; our superior panel brightness has been developed over many years of R&D study.

Superior Quality

Wide range of applications

Perfect for indoor and protected outdoor applications, the XPO 4’s easy to use peel face acrylic cover features our industry leading magnetic retention system. The XPO 4 can be wall mounted, hinged, recessed fixed as a freestanding display or suspended on cable / rod.

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  • Power Source – 240v
  • Fluorescent Lamps or LEDs
  • Finishes
    • Satin Natural Anodised
    • Standard Powercoat Finishes
  • Frame Depth – 43mm
  • Cover – Magnetic Retention System
  • Mask – 40mm
  • Cut Image Size – 65mm less than overall frame size
  • Visual Size – 80mm less than overall frame size
  • Preferred Sizes – Increments of 300mm between 600mm and 3000mm for best light distrubution.
  • Power Exit – Standard power exit is at the rear 120mm from the bottom LHS corner. On request power can be relocated prior to production.
  • Lockable – Optional security screw. Key locks are not suited for this sign.
  • Application – Indoor, protected outdoor or covered for external use. Not suitable for exposed outdoor applications.


Model / Size Overall W x H Visual W x H (OD – 80) Poster W x H (OD – 65)
XPO-4 A2 485 x 659 405 x 579 420 x 594
XPO-4 A1 659 x 906 579 x 826 594 x 841
XPO-4 A0 906 x 1254 826 x 1174 841 x 1189
MINIMUM 300 x 300 220 x 220 235 x 235
MAXIMUM 3000 x 1500 2920 x 1420 2935 x 1435

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